What does the UK leaving Europe mean for your organization?

While the results of Britain’s referendum on leaving the European Union may have been clear, the complexity of redefining the UK’s political and economic relationship with Europe continues to bring uncertainty, particularly where trade and investment are concerned.  In order to help our clients and other interested parties make sense of the trade and investment implications of Europe’s future without the UK, Kinetic Cubed is closely monitoring the consequences of Brexit and how it may impact upon UK exporters, British and European economic development agencies, foreign investors, and other stakeholders who stand to be affected by the current Brexit negotiations and their aftermath.


Contact us for more information, particularly if you are:

  • An international investment promotion agency eager to learn more about inward investment opportunities from companies in the UK, indigenous and foreign, who are re-assessing their operations and looking at possible new locations;
  • A UK-based investment promotion agency interested in attracting European firms, who want to service the UK market and benefit from the lower pound sterling;
  • An export promotion agency from outside of the EU, seeking new trade partnerships in a post EU-UK;
  • A British firm seeking to diversify markets, exploit the lower sterling, and offset non-sterling costs with forex earnings;
  • A UK-based mobile investor interested in what opportunities may be likely to emerge in Europe and around the world following Britain’s retreat from the EU.


If you would like an in-depth or bespoke consultation regarding any of the above topics, please get in touch, let us know your situation, and we will do our best to advise you further.


The story of Brexit is still being written, and will be for some time.  Kinetic Cubed is committed leveraging our expertise in international trade and investment, as well as our linkages to leading economic development organizations and our location right in the heart of the UK, to help those both within and outside of Britain to assess their options and opportunities in the emerging post-Brexit world.

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