Trade and Export

Kinetic Cubed provides high-quality solutions in international trade and export development. Our unique combination of international networks, local associates, and high level contacts enable our clients to make informed decisions on global partners and markets.


Our trade and export services include:

  • Programme Management
  • Market Research, Market Entry and Market Development
  • Customer Identification and Acquisition
  • Networking and Partner Search
  • Research Alliances and Other Bilaterial Collaborations
  • Competitor Profiling and Analysis
  • Trade Show Appointment Setting and Event Management
  • Additional Matchmaking Efforts as Specified by the Client


Working in partnership with our team of local in-market associates, we are able to assist clients throughout the entire export journey — from identifying and prioritizing key markets, to developing a more thorough understanding of industries and supply chains, all the way through to making initial contacts with agents, distributors, buyers, and other market stakeholders.  We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a thorough and personalized service to every client, from the microbusiness selling vintage clothing to the industrial company with hundreds of employees.


Our network structure and low overhead means that our services are cost-effective, and can be adapted to any client depending on the circumstances. We are able to offer support in all the major markets throughout the world, through a combination of our core team of consultants and associates providing local knowledge and expertise.


Read on for examples of recent trade and export projects where we have assisted businesses of all sizes in researching, qualifying, and developing new business in international markets.

Recent Trade and Export Projects


Client: SME supported by Welsh Assembly Government


Sector: Paper recycling machinery


Project: Extensive market research report for UK company interested in selling its line of repurposed paper recycling equipment into the United States, including >10 interviews with industry stakeholders. Our research identified multiple new and unexpected channels which turned out to be promising for the company. A follow-up project built on the initial report and focused on finding potential American distributors for the machinery. Kinetic Cubed eventually organized a weeklong US business development trip that has led to new business for the company.


Client: Maritimes Energy Association


Sector: Clean energy


Project: Matchmaking and business development support to Canadian companies attending a popular annual renewable energy exhibition in the United Kingdom. Kinetic Cubed has assisted groups of companies visiting this international trade show in each year since 2009, providing each company with tailored matchmaking appointment schedules and lead generation support.


Client: SME supported by Welsh Assembly Government


Sector: Life sciences/pharmaceutical


Project: Assistance with discreetly investigating a former business partner-turned-competitor to find out if the company was still in business.  Additional support in researching local regulatory requirements for the product and offering market entry advice accordingly.


Client: SME supported by Welsh Assembly Government


Sector: Clothing and retail


Product: Working with a vintage wedding dress designer popular on social media, interested in capitalizing on interest she was drawing from the United States.  Kinetic Cubed conducted a online market survey of American women in the target demographic and reported on the findings, adding additional insight about the US wedding industry and potential routes to market.  The company is now in the process of identifying an agent as well as sales agreements with wedding retailers in the United States.


Client: SME supported by provincial government in Newfoundland/Labrador


Sector: Marine electronics


Project: Market background report and search for potential agents and other market partners in Turkey.  Using our in-market associate, Kinetic Cubed was able to provide an extensive list of possible partners, as well as assisting with outreach and meeting-setting for a future business development visit.


Client: Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters Association


Sector: Building Products


Project: Multi-day export roadshow for companies in the building products sector interested in exporting to the United States and Europe.  Kinetic Cubed produced a detailed market study in visual format, given as part of a presentation from Kinetic Cubed Director Tony Aggarwal.  The presentation was repeated in locations across northeastern Canada over the course of several days, and included general advice for first-time exporters as well as sector-specific tips from our industry associate for entering the US building products market.

For additional project examples, please contact us.


“I’ve been reading through this report, I’ve nearly finished but had to stop to respond to tell you I am really enthused by what I’ve read.  I really think you’ve understood my business and given me some excellent strategy.”




“I have now had time to digest the excellent info provided from your team regarding the US market and there seems to be a definite opportunity there for us. Is there anything else available ‘help wise’ to help us source agents at this point please?”




“Kinetic Cubed offers a combination of strategic insight and practical experience and their work has been a key factor in developing our connections and networks with the BRICs and Gulf. I can confidently recommend Kinetic Cubed as a solid and reliable expert in their field”




“First to Kinetic Cubed: I want to send along sincere thanks for all the work that you put in (in a very condensed period of time).  I found the show to be well worthwhile, and I can honestly say this was the best experience I’ve had with a matchmaker since I started attending conferences such as All-Energy.”




“I can confidently recommend Kinetic Cubed in the Russian field and would be happy to recommend them to other organisations considering looking at the Russian market.”




“The detailed overview of the potential market and clear next steps based on a thorough analysis will be invaluable.”




“We expect to arrive at a collaboration agreement within the next 6 months providing an additional £500k revenue (£80-£100k profit) to the business”