Inward Investment

Kinetic Cubed offers inward investment and location marketing solutions to economic development agencies at the regional, local, and national level. We have a track record of securing high quality leads and inward investment opportunities for leading economic development organizations (EDOs) and Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs).


Our inward investment services include:

  • Programme Management
  • Lead Generation, Prospect Development, and Investment Matchmaking
  • Investor Targeting, Profiling and Relationship Management
  • Sector and Sub-Sector Market Research and Business Intelligence
  • Investment Promotion Strategy and Proposition Development
  • Matchmaking and Appointment-Setting for Industry Trade Shows and Other Events
  • Event Management Including Investment Workshops and Industry “Roadshows”
  • Global Partnership Development
  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Training – Investor Prospecting, Sales Development and Winning Pitches, Emerging Engagement Models


Our inward investment services provide clients with maximum value by taking a “deep dive” into target industries and focusing only on companies that a) appear genuinely prepared to make a foreign investment decision soon; b) appear to be a good “fit” for the client location. Too often inward investment leads fail to result in meaningful follow-up, as companies lose interest in a given location or perhaps were never genuinely considering an investment decision there in the first place. We try to avoid this predicament by developing a clear understanding of the industry profile, investment needs, and key competitive advantages of each client location, and then leveraging our knowledge of global industries and supply chains to deliver investment leads that fit with what the client location has to offer.


We believe that “matchmaking” means not only scanning for potential investment matches at a high-level, but also focusing more specifically on those investments which have a realistic chance of happening. We do this by building on our close relationships with each of our clients. No location is just another account — we are a small consultancy with a big reach, and our value is built on attentive and personalized service. At the same time, we rely on global knowledge and networks to help us find opportunities which may be invisible to others.


How can we help?  Read on below for examples of our recent inward investment work.

Recent Inward Investment Projects


Client: Richardson Economic Development Partnership


Sector: ICT and Technology


Project: Support in lead generation and stakeholder relationship development with the UK market, with a focus on ICT and technology sectors.  Activities include investor lead generation as well as trade show and other event support as desired by client.


Client: Invest in Spain


Sector(s): Renewables, ICT, Automotive


Project: FDI lead generation for inward investment from Brazil focused on target industry sectors. Results have included a number of highly qualified leads for the client, as well as access to relevant Brazilian business networks.


Client: Yorkshire Forward


Sector(s): Advanced Engineering and Metals, Automatic Identification and Data Capture, Energy and Environmental Technologies, Games


Project: A research and marketing-led inward investment lead generation and sales development project, involving detailed research and value chain analysis of the target sectors in France, Germany and the United States. The project has resulted in the identification and targeting of over 30 investors interested in expanding overseas and setting up in the United Kingdom.


Client: Lancashire Economic Partnership


Sector(s): Mult-sector


Project: This FDI workshop included workshop design, development and delivery to improve team members’ understanding of the opportunities from FDI from emerging markets, and to develop thinking about regional and sub-regional responses to direction of the global economy. The workshop was delivered to around 20 participants and resulted in a greater shared understanding of emerging opportunities for foreign direct investment in developed economies.


Client: Invest in Murcia


Sector(s): ICT, Digital Media, Healthcare


Project: Promotion of Spain’s Murcia region in the UK as a business location ideally suited to light scale manufacturing as well as newer higher value added sectors. Results have included multiple successful investor missions to Spain along with various promotional events in the UK.


Client: Invest in Brussels


Sector(s): Multi-sector


Project: This multi-sector, multi-location project focused on identifying qualified prospects in the UK and India and on creating a platform to promote Brussels in the target countries. Target sectors included organisations, private and public, that require access to the institutions headquartered in Brussels. An additional focus was place on those organisations also requiring a more extensive business presence to service the market in mainland Europe. The project resulted in multiple qualified leads and included two breakfast seminars, each organized and produced by Kinetic Cubed.


Client: Flanders Investment and Trade


Sector(s): Multi-sector


Project: This globally-focused workshop was aimed at newer team members of the FIAT FDI team from around the world, looking at trends and asking the question of how to lead generate in a market environment made difficult due to the global economic downturn.

For additional project examples, please contact us.



“We set out to understand the potential for our region represented as a destination of FDI and ended up identifying our first three investment projects from India. Your excellent team in the UK and on-location have taken the time to understand our positioning as a desination for business and have been most valuable, both by providing excellent industry insight and profiles as well as quality matchmaking thanks to your extensive networking capabilities.”




“Kinetic Cubed has always been available and ready to explore new leads throughout the year. They perfectly understand the role of an economic development agency and know how to answer our need for international prospection.”




“I wish to offer my thanks and complements on the work of you and your study team on the East of England Tradeable Economy Study. The follow-up presentations to our Senior Management Team and to a workshop of lead officers for export promotion and inward investment were also very helpful and well-received.”




“Invest in Spain is extremely pleased with Kinetic Cubed’s performance and the results obtained, as well as the productivity and devotion of the project team. Kinetic Cubed has done excellent work which has fulfilled our highest expectations.”




“The Kinetic Cubed team carried out a professional piece of consultancy work, pulling together extensive information from various different markets. The team consulted with a variety of businesses, governments, and project stakeholders in the BRICs/Gulf markets, and their report has provided the agency with a number of interesting international business and investment opportunity areas and leads to pursue.”




“Kinetic Cubed’s deep knowledge and understanding of the Indian market, which we wanted to explore further, has been crucial in helping us detect new innovative projects for France.”




“The team, led by Mark and Tony, produced a piece of high quality work and we were impressed with their professionalism and in-depth knowledge of the market and their clear commitment to the future of international business.”