At Kinetic Cubed we pride ourselves on providing our clients with unmatched value and customer service. We like to get to know our customers and believe that this level of understanding results in a better outcome, as well as a more enjoyable experience for our clients, no matter the assignment.

Many of our clients become repeat customers as it becomes clear that we:

  1. Will always work hard to understand and deliver on their individual needs; and
  2. Can offer a wide spectrum of support in diverse markets around the world.

Our innovative “pay as you go” pricing model, meanwhile, ensures an unparalleled, client-driven level of service with minimal risk and fixed costs.

Recent projects

Read on for examples of our recent assignments.

Export Market Research and Business Development

Export Market Research and Business Development

Client: SME supported by trade program under Welsh Assembly Government

Sector: Power controls and switching equipment

Project: Two-phase market study and in-market partner search focused across Southeast Asia. Overview of major trends, key players, opportunities, and competitors, with insights into important local market and cultural dynamics via our team in Singapore. The second project focused on identifying agents/distributors and other possible business partners.

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Investment Matchmaking and Location Assistance

Investment Matchmaking and Location Assistance

Client: Invest in Madrid

Sector: Startups and digital economy

Project: Assistance at London Tech Week 2015, focused on finding Spanish expatriate-run startups interested in opening up a local second office in Madrid. A hybrid project focused on a combination of site visits and meeting-setting/expo support.

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Smart Grids Missions to UK and Europe

Smart Grids Missions to UK and Europe

Client: Opportunities New Brunswick and Énérgie New Brunswick Power

Sector: Utilities and smart grids

Project: Learning missions to the UK and Germany focused on the smart grids and energy storage sector in Europe. Meetings with corporates, startups, research institutions, and other key market stakeholders as well as site visits to demonstration projects. General market research overview developed in-house and presented to delegates as part of welcoming workshop. All logistics arranged and organized by Kinetic Cubed.

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